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Leadership Training for Managers and Supervisors 

Catalyst Training

FRONT LINE LEADERSHIP (for Supervisors) 

Train your Supervisors to “Lead — not just manage” and watch your organization reach higher levels of achievement. Front Line Leadership enforces the principle that every level of supervisor is responsible for creating an environment in which people understand what is expected of them, can communicate effectively with each other, are involved in decision making and take accountability for the work entrusted to them. Through this shared responsibility and accountability it has been shown consistently that measurable improvement in productivity will be achieved.

Upcoming sessions:

Front Line Leadership (for Supervisors) starting on February 23, 2017 - Enrolment Form



Results-Centred Leadership™ (for Managers) - Enables the organization and everyone in it to achieve superb results.

Results-Centred Leadership™ participants will discover the benefits achieved by using mutual Win/Win agreements. The program will teach participants the power and effectiveness of regularly scheduled one-on-one coaching and encourage them to coach people to succeed rather than policing them for failure. Participants will notice changes in behaviours and attitudes that produce measurable results!

Upcoming sessions:

Results-Centred Leadership for Managers starting on February 22, 2017 - Enrollment Form


ADVANCED LEADERSHIP SKILLS - Advanced Skills Application

A leadership program designed for graduates of our Front Line Leadership and/or other Leadership Programs 

Most of today’s experienced front-line leaders have some knowledge and training in sound Leadership Skills. The challenge/difficulty for these front-line leaders is finding ways to apply these skills effectively. Advanced Leadership Skills is a practical, hands-on program that enables the front line leader to not only apply existing knowledge and skills and learn new skills but to achieve higher productivity, ensure clearer communica- tions, resolve conflicts effectively, build and retain strong teams, and to understand and lead change.

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