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BC Manufacturing Consortium

Achieving Enterprise Excellence for the Future of Manufacturing

Enterprise Excellence includes, but is far more than Lean.
The  BC Manufacturing Consortium is designed to engage a cross-functional group of employees from all levels and areas of your business in pursuit of continuous improvement and world class performance across the organization. 

Membership is a Privilege

The BC Manufacturing Consortia is composed of a non-competing, cross-section of manufacturing and processing companies whose Purpose recognizes the need for each member to achieve enterprise excellence through world class performance. The value of membership is predicated upon what existing members and new members bring to each Consortium. Organizations with an interest in Lean or Enterprise Excellence, who are outside of the traditional manufacturing or processing function are welcome, but will be reviewed to ensure a good fit in terms of adding value to existing group members.

Are You Qualified to Be a Member?

Membership Candidates Shall:

  • Demonstrate their pursuit of enterprise excellence through action and have the desire to attain World- Class/High Performance through Best Practices
  • Demonstrate complementary, win-win benefits through participation with the Consortium
  • Undertake the obligation to fully participate in the Consortium activities for a minimum of 6 months
  • Potential new members will have their application proposed and reviewed by existing Consortium members. If no concerns regarding fit or competitive issues are identified, the prospect member will receive a welcome letter as a full member of the Consortium
Consortium Membership Requires:
  • Regular attendance at monthly learning events and active involvement in roundtables
  • Demonstrated accountability to their commitments to implement learning for results
  • Senior management’s visible commitment and involvement in major events
  • Regular participation of staff in Consortium activities
  • Quick response to Consortium surveys and requests for input via e-mail
  • Participation (as needed) in training programs using the Training Fund
  • Contribution of brief summaries of progress, articles, information for newsletter or magazine articles
  • Interaction with other members to achieve the Consortium’s Purpose
  • Adherence to the Consortium Member Code of Conduct and prompt payment of fees
Membership Fees
  • Membership fees are $2,000/ month for the all-inclusive Consortium Membership.
  • Members are invoiced monthly, quarterly or annually (at the discretion of the member)

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