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EDC Trade Knowledge

Discover new markets

This guide outlines the six steps to export success and looks at opportunities in new markets.

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Business with India

Doing Business in India can help Canadian companies learn about the Indian marketplace and how they can do business there.

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CME is proud to partner with Export Development Canada (EDC) to bring you the innovative financing, insurance and risk management solutions you need to expand your international business. With strategic planning, valuable advice from industry experts, and financial backing from EDC, you have access to all the tools you need to succeed. Want to try find out more about EDC solutions?
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To Insure or Not to Insure?
If you’re worried about not getting paid, credit insurance is a great way to protect your U.S. or foreign receivables. But do the benefits outweight the costs? Watch the video to understand the key arguments.

Whitepaper: Dealing with Credit Risk
Companies can be blind-sided when a long-standing customer doesn’t pay. Sometimes it’s simply because their customer’s customer didn’t pay them. But the domino effect can be devastating. This  whitepaper can help you put into place strong credit management practices.

Get Protection From Non-payment
With Accounts Receivable Insurance from EDC we can protect you against risks for international sales, such as not getting paid due to default, bankruptcy and cancellation.

Access Additional Working Capital
By providing a guarantee to your financial institution, the Export Guarantee Program could help you access additional financing to support export-related activities and/or foreign investments.

Weekly expert commentary
Export Development Canada Vice President and Chief Economist Peter Hall delivers a clear and concise analysis of global issues for Canadian exporters.

Global Export Forecast
Browse outlooks by region or sector, examine financial markets, and scan currency forecasts, all with our expert information.

Market reports by country
Get instant access to valuable country-specific information, including the top-exporting sectors in that country, and dollar value of exports to that country from Canada and more.

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