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2017 Mfg Month Logo

October is Manufacturing Month

Manufacturing Month raises the profile of our industry as highlighted in government (with proclamations and the inclusion of Manufacturing as one of four areas of strategic importance in the BC Jobs Plan) and among job seekers and the public. Once again, CME BC will join forces with our partners — BDO, Chambers of Commerce, Boards of Trade, BC manufacturing companies and educational institutions to organize plant tours, and other events. These serve to showcase the innovative manufacturing that happens in BC.

Manufacturing Month at a Glance

The Opening Ceremony will kick off Manufacturing Month and highlight the calendar of events.

Plant Tours showcase BC manufacturing and show the innovative products and processes that truly drive the economy.

The Industrie 2030 Workshops Learn from other manufacturers and industry partners on how they are achieving results in the 5 key areas.

Partner Events In addition to events in the Lower Mainland, we are encouraging additional events in regions such as Victoria, Nanaimo, Prince George and Kelowna.

The Closing Ceremony will celebrate and summarize the month long activities of Manufacturing Month 2017.


Goals for Manufacturing Month 2017: Youth and Innovation

  • Heighten the profile of the Manufacturing Sector among government, job seekers, students and the public
  • Increase the awareness of policy makers on the significant economic contribution and importance of our industry
  • Showcase high-skilled, high-paying career opportunities, especially to youth and immigrants
  • Showcase and learn from manufacturers and industry partners who are contributing to achieving Industrie 2030's goal of doubling manufacturing output & value-added exports by 2030 through workshops

Industrie 2030 Manufacturing Workshops

This year we are actively working on events in regions such as Victoria, Nanaimo, Prince George and Kelowna to showcase a diverse group of manufacturers throughout BC.  Events will primarily focus on the five key areas identified in CME's Industrie 2030 initiative to double manufacturing and value-added exports by 2030.

These five key areas are:

  1. Building a Strong and Skileed Workforce for Growth
  2. Fostering Innovation, Commercialization, and New Product Development
  3. Accelerating Adoption of Advanced Manufacturing
  4. Manufacturing a Competive Buiness Environment in Canada
  5. Increasing Sales in Domestic and Foreign Markets

MFG Month Partners

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