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Why Site C Must Proceed

Artist Rendition Site C DamCME wrote to the Minister of Energy Mines and Petroleum resources this week to advise that Site C must go forward. Contrary to a lot of the interpretation in the news BC Utilities Commission Report (BCUC) does not recommend ... or even make a case for cancellation of the project. In fact (in my opinion) it does quite the opposite.

First there is the fact that even with potential cost over runs, and even with BCUC questioning the load projections of BC Hydro, they still refused to recommend either cancelling or going forward with the project. In fact, they said (and I quote directly) "... the cost to the ratepayers of Site C and the Illustrative Alternative Portfolio are virtually equivalent, within the uncertainty inherent in the assumptions."

That means government has to make this decision based on information outside the scope of the report.

CME believes there are four reasons this project has to go forward.

  1. The report does not account for the increased electricity usage demanded by the electrification of things like transportation and home heating. That shift will have a significant impact on load demands.
  2. The economic benefits of proceeding go beyond the jobs on site and include the manufacturers around BC that provide material like steel, bolts, and concrete to the project.
  3. CME members have indicated that ongoing cancellation of major projects will negatively impact their decisions around investment and job creation in BC.
  4. Future investment in industries that feature significant amounts of processing, like hydrogen power development or manufacturing solar power ingots and cells, demands access to firm electrical power.

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CME believes that government is faced with a choice between providing a boost to BC’s economy by proceeding with the project at the risk of one day having too much clean electrical power generation; or creating short term harm to our economy by cancelling the project, and running the risk of not having enough clean power for our electrical future. 

The choice seems clear.

If you would like to express your thoughts directly to government, please email the ministers along with your MLA:

Hon. Michelle Mungall, Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources

Hon. John Horgan, Premier

Hon. Bruce Ralston, Minister of Jobs, Trade and Technology



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