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Manufacturing Matters

Manufacturing is a significant contributor to BC’s economy. Manufacturing is BC’s third largest source of employment, directly providing about 180,000 jobs and indirectly supporting hundreds of thousands of indirect jobs. For every $1 dollar generated by a manufacturer another $3.50 in economic activity results in local BC communities.

More than 30% of all business taxes flowing to government come from manufacturing.

In 2012, the sector was the fourth largest contributor to provincial GDP at 7.2%. Contrary to popular belief, manufacturing is the primary source of exports from BC, NOT natural resources, comprising almost 65% of shipments.

More than 12000 manufacturers in BC

3rd largest employer 4th largest GDP

180000 direct jobs 400000 jobs

88000 new jobs

higher paying job

One third of Business taxes come from manufacturing

top research and development funding

Majority of exports is manufactuered goods
B.C. Stats, 2012

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